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Journey to the Beloved

Yunus Emre

“Know yourself.” This has always been the call of wise men to all human beings for centuries. Although there is no distance, knowing ourselves is the longest and the hardest journey that we may ever experience. For we ourselves are the biggest puzzle to be solved. In the search for the kernel of yourself, surprisingly, in the very depths of your existence there you find God. And in the course of this journey, Love emerges which takes you beyond even yourself.  So your life becomes a journey to the Beloved the very Beloved within yourself. In this process, one has to “deconstruct” his own self, which is indeed but a fictional entity. And this very self is what hinders seeing Reality as it is. So, beyond our understanding of reality, we witness a totally different scene where Man, the axis of the universe, is established at the very core of existence. The Man, the perfected Man the one who has realized himself  is where the puzzle is solved. He is the answer of all our questions. He is the only resting place on the troubled paths of the world. He is the final abode where one may arrive

From Amazon. For almost 10 years Oprah Winfrey has pursued her dream of bringing Toni Morrison's Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, Beloved, to the big screen. Now ...

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The adjacent piece of art was created to demonstrate the timeline, progress and accomplishments, and learnings of the church's strategic planning and ...


28 Mar 2019 ... Sometimes there are times of dark and deep feelings on the path to the beloved, during which we feel as if our heart are in a damp, dismal cave ...