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Little Miss: Pocket Library

Roger Hargreaves

Young children will have lots of fun with the Little Miss Pocket Library, a great collection of first stories about six hilarious Little Miss characters! The slipcase, which is packaged in shrink-wrap, includes six durable board book stories about Little Miss Princess, Little Miss Inventor, Little Miss Sunshine, Little Miss Naughty, Little Miss Giggles and Little Miss Chatterbox. The storybooks are made of sturdy board and their small size is great for young children, who can hold and play with them. Theyll love looking at the brightly coloured pictures, hearing the stories and enjoying turning the pages themselves. The pocket size of the slipcase makes it perfect to carry around with you for instant entertainment on the go. The back of the books can also be put together to reveal a large picture of the Little Misses featured in the stories.

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★ パープルのケースがとってもかわいい ★ Little Miss のちいさな英語の絵本が6冊セットになりました! 本を裏返してならべると ひとつのイラスト になるよ ♪ 小さいからお出かけにも持っていけちゃいます! プレゼントにも オススメ♪ 【ミニ絵本タイトル】


Young children will have lots of fun with the Little Miss Pocket Library, a great collection of first stories about six hilarious Little Miss characters! Download " little miss pocket library " Book at link Below . Six small books based on Roger Hargreaves' ever-popular Little Misses: Little Miss Sunshine Little Miss Naug.


6 книг! Board book: 60 pages Product Dimensions: 9.6 x 5 x 12.5 cm. Подробнее 5 Little Miss Pocket Library By Roger Hargreaves Best Price in Pakistan | Online Shopping in Pakistan. $450.00. Subtotal . Close Checkout View My Cart Pakistan's Best Online Shopping Destination----- ----- ----- Top Categories. Mobile & Tablets . Women Fashion . Men Fashion ...


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