When Youre Not Looking.pdf

When Youre Not Looking

Lynn Chapman

Presenting a Picture Board Book perfect for babies and toddlers!

An excellent platform for early learning, this sturdy, oversized board book features larger-than life illustrations in vibrant colors with large, easy-to-read text.

What’s more ridiculous? Pigs wearing wigs? Chickens blasting into space? Or cows cooking soufflés? Readers join in the fun as they witness whimsical animal silliness that couldn’t possible be true – unless it happens “When You’re Not Looking!” Hilariously bold illustrations invite readers to consider the delightful possibilities of a fanciful imagination!

Our Picture Board Book series features over 12 amazing titles that children will love to read over and over again! The oversized, sturdy format is perfect for little ones to play and learn with. Check out the other titles in this wonderful series!

Sayfa Sayısı: 10

Baskı Yılı: 2006

Dili: İngilizce
Yayınevi: Brighter Child

7 Jun 2017 ... When You're Not Looking is from The Ecdysis Ep By Calvin Love Listen/ Buy here www.calvinlove.bandcamp.comConcept: Alexander ...

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