Write It 1.pdf

Write It 1

Michael Ledezma

A three-level writing series designed to introduce young learners to a step-by-step guided writing approach Key Features:
- a step-by-step guided writing approach
- Two model texts in each lesson
- Various writing genres including essays, emails, diary entries, online posts, and more
- Graphic organizers with detailed guidance
- A comic strip in each lesson to introduce the topic, genre, and purpose of the writing
- Authentic written materials basedon real-life texts
- Model graphic organizers to enhance students writing further Online Resources:
- Teachers Guide
- Test Sheets
- Vocabulary Lists
- Lesson Plans
- MP3 Files

Homophones: Write It Right 1. Homophones are words that sound alike but have different meanings and spellings. If You Write It - 1.22k Followers, 1.66k Following, 14203 pins | Jon Herrera. Jon Herrera. Photographer, writer, blogger, social media junkie, and all-around nice person.

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